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Watermelon Green Apple 8oz BUTTER CREAM BODY LOTION (100% vegan/ cruelty free )

Watermelon Green Apple 8oz BUTTER CREAM BODY LOTION (100% vegan/ cruelty free )

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KaziRokz LLC Watermelon Green Apple butter cream body Lotion is an all natural and organic moisturizer for your skin and hair. 

KaziRokz "Watermelon Green Apple" Vegan Body Lotion is 100% VEGAN (FREE OF ALL ANIMAL DERIVED PRODUCTS), and is a 100% Organic body moisturizer. It's made with all natural and organic essential oil. So No harsh chemicals on your lovely skin, and its safe for the earth. Hydrating your skin is important and this VEGAN body lotion will leave your skin moisturized, smooth, and soft. It smells amazing too. It has a soft, and smooth texture to go along with it's smooth satisfying clean, and REFRESHING scent!. This vegan body lotion will love your skin like no other. So treat your skin right, and give it the love / care that it deserves.



*Cruelty Free

*Not Tested  On Animals

*Creativity Crafted

*Made In USA

- DIRECTIONS: Apply a desirable amount of body lotion on your skin, and gently rub lotion on (rub lotion into your skin).

- INGREDIENTS: All natural and organic essential oils, vegan friendly pigment, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera.

 - This product comes in a 8oz plastic squeeze bottle.

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