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The New You! Foam Body Scrub, (exfoliate & polish)Skin firming, (100% vegan / Cruelty Free) 8oz

The New You! Foam Body Scrub, (exfoliate & polish)Skin firming, (100% vegan / Cruelty Free) 8oz

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KaziRokz LLC Organic and ALL Natural foaming body scrub "The New You" is the best exfoliation for your skin. This scrub is great for aromatherapy, clearing up body acne, firming / toning skin, moisturizing itchy skin, healing eczema / psoriasis, plus more. This body scrub is intended to promote a better you! It's packed with organic herbs, vitamins, and dried flowers. 

Relaxing and calming your body naturally is needed at least once a week. Experience the best exfoliating 100% Vegan/ Cruelty Free body scrub that will renew your skin like no other. Take advantage of a scrub that's also considered to be a "BOOTY BOOSTER", ULTRA HYDRATER, COMPLEXION CORRECTOR,& BODY RELAXER. It's naturally refreshing and easy to apply. While using this scrub, let your mind be free of negativity, drama, and bad energy! This scrub promotes positivity, prosperity, and becoming a better you!

Ingredients: Organic Raw refined shea butter, organic lavender plant, Geranium oil, Rosehip seed oil, Jojoba oil, Hempseed oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, organic dried calendula, Aloe Vera gel, vitamins A,B5,C,E, Organic blue tea flowers. 

Instructions: Apply and massage scrub to desired area while in shower or bath. Allow the scrub to faom and relax your body for as long as you want. Gently scrub your body while you was and rinse the scrub away! 

This product comes in 8oz plastic container with lid.

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