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Stay Fresh Organic Deodorant! (100% Vegan / Cruelth Free) 2.5oz

Stay Fresh Organic Deodorant! (100% Vegan / Cruelth Free) 2.5oz

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KaziRokz LLC Organic Deodorant is handcrafted in small batches and made with all natural and organic ingredients. It's packed with vitamins, organic skin protection from odor, and bacteria. No harmful chemicals, Parabens, harsh ingredients, testing on animals, or preservatives. This deodorant made with you in mind... You, who struggled and or is still struggling with irritation from using NON ORGANIC DEODORANT. This deodorant is great for all skin types, ages, and genders. It's perfect for absorbing moisture and keeps odor away for 24hrs. It helps balance pH, and restores microbial flora for Detoxifying. 

Ingredients: Organic Arrow root powder, extra Virgin coconut oil, raw refined shea butter, Cocoa Butter vitamin E, tea tree oil, and organic essential oil. 

Use: Apply deodorant to under arms as needed! You can also apply to inner thighs, between and under your breast. 

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