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PLUM (Vegan Lip Oil)

PLUM (Vegan Lip Oil)

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So LADIES let me tell y'all a lil bit about PLUM!!! She's before work, during work, and after work. She's before a lip scrub, and after one!. She's a bottom, and top layer!! She's dry lips best friend, and She's available LADIES!! Oh yeah she's Beautiful too!!!.... And you can be beautiful with her!!! PLUM is 100% Organic, Vegan friendly, and cruelty free. She's infused with green tea, made with Organic Hemp seed oil, Organic vitamin e oil, Organic coconut oil, Organic castor oil, Organic Tea tree oil, Organic grape seed oil, pigment, and glitter. This product comes in 10ml glass roller bottle. Color / pigment might float to the bottom of the oil bottle. If this occur, just give the oil a little shake. This oil is 100% handmade, and made in small batches (Made to order). We know you will still enjoy the benefits of this amazing Vegan / Cruelty Free Lip Oil.

-This Lip oil is clear on your lips (shows clear on your lips). 

-Give a gentle shake to the oil bottle if color goes to the bottom.

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