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One Love 🖤❤💛💚 Vegan Lip Gloss

One Love 🖤❤💛💚 Vegan Lip Gloss

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Yasssss KaziRokz is promoting One Love🖤❤💛💚!

 This lip gloss is 100% Vegan / Cruelty Free. It's lightly scented and Soft on your lips💋💄💜. The colors alone speaks volumes!!!

Red❤: The blood of Black people

Yellow💛: The stolen gold

Green💚: The Lost Land of Africa

This lip gloss is made with all natural and organic products, and this lip gloss is WORTH the purchase!! Not only are you treating your lips right, but you are supporting a black owned businesses🖤❤💛💚. We have what you need at KaziRokz!!! Catering to your beautiful lips, and bringing out your natural beauty is KaziRokz duty!!! Gloss your lips!!! Hydrate your lips, plump your lips naturally with KaziRokz One Love Vegan LIP Gloss.

This Lip gloss is made with 100% Organic black castor oil, vitamin E.oil, grape seed oil, Shea butter oil, sweet almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, vegan friendly pigment / glitter.

This Lip gloss comes in 10ml squeeze tube. 

This lip gloss is  everyone friendly!!! All lip gloss lovers are WELCOMED🖤❤💛💚💄💋💜💜🌱🐷

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