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Island Getaway "Vegan Sugar Body Scrub" (FOAM)

Island Getaway "Vegan Sugar Body Scrub" (FOAM)

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Are you ready to give your skin a makeover? Then this Vegan / Cruelty free light foam body scrub is right for you. It smells amazing too!! It's Coconut Lime scented, and it's time to give your skin some TLC with KaziRokz light foaming body scrub. Who can say No to a gental but powerful sugar scrub combined with a creamy relaxing lathered soap? This scrub is 100% Vegan / Cruelty free, it's gental on all skin types, and all genders friendly💜. This scrub gently exfoliates, renew, and basically polishes your skin. It helps with dark spots/ blemishes, acne, and razor bumps / burns. After using this scrub in the shower, your skin will feel fresh, and revitalized. Rejuvenating, smooth, and moisturized!! Let's get rid of dead skin, body acne, and strawberry skin!. Your skin will love you for using this Vegan / cruelty free body scrub. This scrub is also great for dry, and damaged skin due to eczema / psoriasis. You can use this scrub from head to toe and it makes an awesome hand scrub. We recommend that you use it in the shower and use it twice a week. KEEP IN A SAFE DRY PLACE (AWAY FROM CHILDREN), AND MAKE SURE TO NOT GET WATER INSIDE OF THE SCRUB.

DIRECTIONS: MIX WELL BEFORE USE (IF NEEDED). A little goes a long way so you don't need much. Just grab a little bit with your fingertips from the jar, and rub onto the desired area of your wet skin in a circular motion. Rinse, and pat dry when your done. The more you use, the more foaming it will be!!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Hemp infused vegan soap, 100% organic cane sugar, organic / all natural scented oil, organic vitamin e. Oil, 100% organic coconut oil. This product comes in a 8oz plastic jar.


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