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Green tea apple cinnamon facial toner/ cleanser Glow Up

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Green tea apple cinnamon facial toner/cleanser. This facial cleanser / toner is infused with green tea and is apple cinnamon scented. It works well with sensitive skin in gently cleanses condition pores to maintain clear skin and is smooth and balance skins without drying it out!!!,. It's made with distilled water, distilled witch hazel, 100% organic cinnamon stick, Infuse with organic green tea ,and vitamin E oil.

Directions: Apply to your face using cotton ball or cotton pad, apply to your face and or neck, and wipe away!! You can also use this as a refresher ladies !!! For best results, use more than twice a day preferably in the mornings afternoon and before bed.

Keep in a cool dry place.

This toner comes in a 2.7 oz bottle