We're Adding Exotic Options!

We're Adding Exotic Options!

Hello My Loves, and thanks for allowing me to share some amazing shop news with you guys. I've been patiently waiting on the right time to start updating our skincare collection. So, as most of you know, I attend several different local Farmer's Market on a weekly basis. I tend to bring out some amazing stuff that's exclusive for in person shoppers. These products are EXOTIC and one of a kind.

These products make using All Natural / Organic skincare fun, and just something that you want to be a part of. The word has gotten around that KaziRokz LLC has something NEW for your skin every week. Now, if you're a regular customer, then you know that I bring something NEW for you guys to help with your skincare needs ir hair care needs. My products are 100% worth it and they work, so, I've decided to add our best-selling "POP UP" products to our online Skincare collection! 

This way, everyone can have access to these products whether you're local or in another state. You can also request custom soaps and butter creams too. I look forward to assisting you guys with your skin care needs and wants. Our 100% Vegan/ Cruelty Free skincare products are here for you!!!

                                      -SHEILA JACKSON

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