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KaziKandy Vegan Body Scrub (facial / body cleanser & moisturizer)

KaziKandy Vegan Body Scrub (facial / body cleanser & moisturizer)

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 KaziKandy!!! Lets get ready for the summer!! Purple & Pink!!. let's hydrate and exfoliate your face and body with KAZIKANDY Face and body scrub. This Unique Face and Body Scrub is handmade by KaziRokz, and is one of a kind. Not only does it get the job done, and it smells like Cherry 🍒 Lemonade!!!!. Cleansing and bringing back that Natural Glow to your skin. This Organic body scrub is 100% vegan and perfect for sensitive skin. KaziKandy vegan body scrub is made with all natural and organic products this sugar scrub will leave your body feeling delightful. Relieve your face/ body of all dead scaled dry skin. Hydrating your beautiful skin is our goal. That is with KaziRokz KaziKandy Face & Body Scrub!!. And let's not forget that it smells amazing too!!! 

This product is made with 100% Organic Cane Sugar, grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, vitamin E. Oil, and is cherry lemonade scented.

This product comes in a 8oz plastic jar.

Directions: Gently apply a generous amount to your face and or body. Massage into your skin for 3 to 4 minutes, Gently wash away with wash cloth using warm water.

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